DVD & Blu-ray

The Media Commons is home to Robarts Library's vast DVD and Blu-ray collection, with some 20-thousand titles available to borrow.

The collection also consists of heritage audiovisual formats such as VHS, LaserDisc and 16 mm film.

This collection is closed, meaning staff assistance is required for access. Please approach the Media Commons service desk in order to retrieve the title(s) you need, or place a hold request in LibrarySearch

For assistance using LibrarySearch to locate film and video titles, please consult our Finding Aids.

Viewing Facilities 

The Media Commons provides a variety of audiovisual playback equipment for on-site use, namely DVD and Blu-ray players, along with specialized heritage equipment like VCRs, LaserDisc players, 16 mm film projectors, 35 mm slide projectors, and audiocassette players.  

Viewing rooms, including a 50-seat theatre and a 30-seat screening room, are available for booking. Sixteen individual audiovisual carrels are also available for drop-in use.