About Media Archives

Steenbeck film scannerThe mandate of the Media Commons Media Archives is to support the curriculum and research in various disciplines  at the University of Toronto. While it serves primarily the faculty, staff, and current students at the University, it is also available to UofT alumni and the broader community.  Media Archives acquires, preserves and makes available archival and special collection materials of Canadian national and regional significance relating to the audio-visual and media communities and popular culture. This includes, but is not limited to, historical and contemporary film/video production, advertising, electronic and print journalism, broadcasting, photographic arts, and multimedia and music production.  These collections contain film, video, audio, photographic, digital and printed media formats. 

If you have a potential donation for the collection, please contact the Department Head.

To support the diverse Media Archives collection, Media Commons continues to acquire appropriate current and non-current audio/video technology to allow creation of research copies from the Media Archives collections. 

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For further information, please contact an archivist.