Marcus, Copel (Cubby)

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  Copel ‘Cubby’ Marcus was born in Montreal (ca. 1935). He began his advertising career in 1954, and has worked with such firms as McCann-Erickson Advertising, MacLaren Advertising, Cockfield, Brown & Company and Enterprise Advertising Associates. From the 1960s until the early 1980s, Marcus worked on a number of campaigns that were legendary in Canada, including those for Maxwell House and Javex.
  Marcus has owned The Moving Hand Creative Enterprises Ltd. since 1968.


Cubby Marcus’ LinkedIn page

The Moving Hand website

Brown, Ian. “Selling the SUDS.” The Globe and Mail, November 24, 1984, p.10.


Accession No.
Dates of creation
1960 - 1996
Physical description

0.02 m of textual records

39 audio recordings
· 22 ¼ in. tapes
· 17 cassettes

16 video recordings
· 1 1in. tape
· 13 ¾ in. cassettes
· 2 VHS cassettes

28 cinefilms
· 28 – 16mm release prints (col. and b&w)

Scope and content

This fonds is divided into 4 series, according to format. These are: Textual Material, Audio Material, Video Material and Cinefilms.

The first series, Textual Material, includes one file of print ads from the 1970s.

The second series, Audio Material, includes ¼ audio masters and dubs for a number of advertisements. This series also includes cassette copies of a radio jingles and a recording of a 1960 episode of The Curling Show (CBC Ottawa).

The third series, Video Material, consists of demo reels for Cubby Marcus and The Moving Hand Creative Enterprises Inc. This series also includes several video cassette copies of particular advertisements.

The fourth series, Cinefilms, includes several of Cubby Marcus’ demo reels. This series also includes several 16 mm copies of particular advertisements.

Clients/Products that Cubby Marcus has promoted include:

  • Air Canada
  • AlkaSeltzer
  • Ansco
  • Bristol Myers
  • Braun
  • Brunswick
  • Calona Wines
  • Canada Packers
  • Canada Vinegar
  • Canadian Home Builders
  • CBC
  • Clorox
  • CNCP
  • Connor Bros.
  • Dominion Dairies
  • Egg Marketing Board
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Foods
  • Giacondi Wines
  • Government of Canada
  • Grand Touring Automobiles
  • IBM Canada
  • Imperial Oil
  • Javex
  • Kraft Foods
  • Labatts Breweries
  • Maple Leaf
  • Ontario Blue Cross
  • Ontario Milk Marketing Board
  • Marlin Travel
  • Maxwell House
  • McGuiness
  • Metrecal
  • Mitchum Thayer
  • Mohawk Raceway
  • Molson Breweries
  • Moulinex
  • Pastellis
  • Philips Tobacco
  • Pork Marketing Board
  • Ralston Purina Pet Foods
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Royal Trust
  • Sealtest Dairies
  • Shirt Stop
  • Shopsy’s
  • St. Hubert Restaurants
  • Tender Vittles
  • Toronto Star
  • Trans Canada Telephone
  • Tums
  • Union Gas
  • Warner Lambert
  • Wrigleys
  • Zero Detergent.
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