Treleaven, Cameron (Cowboy Junkies)

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  In 1993, Toronto-based band The Cowboy Junkies released the album Pale Sun, Crescent Moon. The lead single was a cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s “The Post”, and the video began production in November of that year. The band commissioned Bev Wotton of Streetlight Productions Ltd, who in turn recruited John Fawcett, Peter Wellington and Thom Best to direct, edit and shoot the video. The trio later went on to feature films (The Boys Club, Ginger Snaps, Joe’s So Mean to Josephine).
  Cameron Treleaven, a bookseller based in Calgary, acquired the material described here in the late 1990s when the storage facility in which it was being kept auctioned it off. Treleaven donated the material to the Media Commons Archives in 2003.

Accession No.
Dates of creation
Physical description

9 video recordings
· 4 – 1 in. tapes (3 hr., 4 min.)
· 3 UMatic cassettes (3 hr.)
· 1 D2 cassette (4 min.)
· 1 VHS cassette (4 min.)

14 cinefilms
· 14 rolls 35 mm col. negative (12,450 ft/138 min.)

Scope and content

This fonds is divided into 2 series, according to format. These are: Video Material and Cinefilms. All of the material in this collection pertains to the
production of one music video by the Toronto-based band Cowboy Junkies.

The first series, Video Material, consists of the screening dubs of the camera original negative (for editorial decisions) and protection copies (for actual high quality editing). A copy is also included.

The second series, Cinefilms, consists of 35mm colour camera original negative footage from which the final production was culled.

This fonds includes graphic and textual material relating to a number of productions, including:

  • “The Post”, Cowboy Junkies (Music video, 1993)

This fonds includes audiovisual material relating to a number of productions, including:

  • “The Post”, Cowboy Junkies (Music video, 1993)
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A) No access restriction.

B) Material is subject to copyright restrictions; please consult an archivist.


Note:  Media Commons is also in possession of The Cowboy Junkies fonds