DVDs, Blu-ray, and microfilm are available for Curbside Pickup Service. Due dates are extended to the end of the term.

Users holding a valid and active Library card or TCard may borrow from the Media Commons collection.

Loan Privileges

Item Type

Loan Period

DVD & Blu-ray

2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks

Course Reserves

Hourly or daily

Technology Accessories

3 hours or 24 hours


The overdue fine rate is $0.50 per day or $0.50 per hour for course reserves and technology loans. Pay your fines in person or online.


Renewals or extensions are only considered upon request. Please approach the Media Commons service desk to enquire. 

Audiovisual Bookings

Faculty, staff and graduate students may book audiovisual material for pickup at the Media Commons, UTM or UTSC by using the Booking feature in LibrarySearch. Find the item you wish to book in the catalogue, select Get It In Person, and then select the Request option. Finally, select Booking as the Request Type. 

Items may be booked up to 1 year in advance and can be held on your behalf for up to 2 weeks. 

Delivery Across Campuses

Films are eligible for delivery between the Media Commons, UTM, UTSC and Downsview.

To request delivery of a film, find the item you wish to borrow in LibrarySearch, select Get It In Person, and then select the Request option. Finally, select your preferred pickup location from the drop-down menu and submit.

If you need a film available for a specific day (e.g. for a scheduled screening), refer to the booking feature outlined above.